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    الأحد، 13 مايو، 2012

    حصيريا لعبة قتل الحشرات الرائعة iDestroy Reloaded (6.0) - ipa Full لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد و وآيبود تاتش

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    لعبة قتل الحشرات المميزة لأجهزة آيفون وآيبود تاتش وآيباد

    iDestroy Reloaded (6.0) - ipa

    بآخر اصدار لها بتاريخ اليوم مجانا فقط من يبرود أون لاين

    قاتل الحشرات وامنعهم من الوصول الى الهدف
    أسلحة كثيرة متوفرة لديك وتفوم بالترقية ضمن المراحل
    للكبار والصغار ممتعة ورائعة جدا

    معلومات أبستوري :

    Precio: $1.99
    Categoria: Juegos
    May 04, 2012
    Version: 6.0
    22.4 MB
    Vendedor: Michael Neuhold
    © WeDestroy
    Idiomas: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
    Requiere iOS 3.0 o posterior

    *** #1 Top Destruction App *** Insane amounts of blood! *** Destroy your Homescreen ***

    *** WARNING *** Horrible content! *** WARNING ***

    iDestroy Reloaded makes it fun to break, kill and make stuff explode on your iPhone!
    ★★★ 60 Weapons, 16 types of bugs ★★★
    22 Updates with lots of additional free content every time since 2010, and more to come every month!

    -- Features an endless campaign mode --
    In Campaign Mode, you will defend your sugar pile against hordes of insect invaders.
    Be quick or be dead, weapon drops will help you against the onslaught!
    Shoot, slice, crush, and kill Bugs, Mosquitos, Flies - in total 13 different types of creatures with 58 different weapons! Machine Gun, Shotgun, Stones, Grenades, Shrink Ray.yabroudonline.com Flamethrower, Double- and Quad-Buzzsaws, Freeze Ray, High-Explosive Mines, Nuclear Bombs, Stealth Bombers ... it's.bramjhome.com all yours to play with!
    ★★★ The Weapons ★★★
    - NEW: Flyswatter
    - NEW: Nail Bomb
    - NEW: Stationary Buzzsaw
    - Ninja Stars

    - Armageddon
    - Chain Lightning
    - Laser-Guntower
    - Missile-Guntower
    - Freeze-Guntower
    - Frost Grenade
    - The Knife
    - Minigun-Tower
    - Flamethrower-Tower
    - Tesla-Tower *BZZZT*
    - Cluster-Bomb

    - Homing Missile
    - Rocket Hailstorm
    - Fire Grenade
    - Explosion Bait
    - Lightning Storm
    - Cannonballs
    - Jumping Bomb
    - Gasoline
    - Anvils
    - Rolling Pin
    - Plastic Explosive
    - Nailgun
    - Minefield Drop
    - Stones
    - Snow Storm
    - Shock Wave
    - Quad Buzzsaw
    - Minigun
    - Stealth Bomber
    - Laser
    - Laser grenade
    - Missiles
    - Dynamite
    - Plague Gun
    - Nuclear Bomb
    - Flamethrower
    - Grenade
    - Shrink Ray
    - Machinegun
    - Shotgun
    - Freeze Ray
    - Insect Spray
    - Mine
    - Rotary Saw
    - Double Rotary Saw
    - Lighter
    - Paintball gun
    - Airgun
    - Hammer
    - Glass Hammer
    ★★★ The Victims ★★★

    - Scorpions!

    - Earwigs

    - Slugs

    - Mosquitos

    - Flies

    - Wasps - including their nests!

    - Cockroaches

    - Sowbugs

    - Ticks

    - Worms

    - Spiders - including their nests!

    - Ants - including an ant hill!

    - Black Widows
    - Waterbugs
    - Ladybugs
    - Black Bugs
    - Walls to build your own labyrinths to catch the bugs in!
    - Baits and Magnets to lure them into their doom!
    - Cleaner
    --- Endless campaign mode - defend your sugar pile against the insect invaders ---
    - In-game Shop for more wicked upgrades!
    - Destroy your own photos
    - Funny sound, blood and weapons effects
    - Counter for killed insects
    - Use your own photos as background for the destruction! Squash the bugs to tiny slimy bits with the Sledgehammer and laugh at their puny remains!
    - Call in a Stealth Bomber to blow every bug in sight to smithereens!
    - Use the Machinegun with an incredible rate of fire and endless ammo to shoot holes through your iPhone!
    - Fire the nuclear OMEGA DEVICE… the most powerful tool of destruction you've ever seen on your iPhone! But be warned… afterwards nothing will be as it has been before...
    - The insects react to the way you are holding your iPhone - so you can let them run and fall directly into the blades of the Double Buzzsaw!
    Tip: How to destroy your own Homescreen:
    1. Go to your iPhone / iPod's homescreen.
    2. Press the lock button (at the upper right of the device) and keep it pressed - and press the homebutton at the same time
    3. Let go of both buttons and you should hear a camera click sound - the screen will go white for a second. If you don't get the sound and white screen, repeat steps 2 and 3 until it works
    4. Now start iDestroy and start a new "destruction sandbox" game.
    5. Go to the weapons menu (upper right corner, the yellow grenade) and in the following screen, tap the blue icon "custom background".
    6. Your photos will be shown - the last of which should be your homescreen, pick that one.
    7. Start the destruction

    سعر اللعبة : Precio: $1.99
    ولكن مع يبرود أون لاين وللأجهزة التي تم عمل جيلبريك لها

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